We have combined all the elements you need for building a comfortable garden into one service page. Even for the best product to work, a good design and installation are required. From our local region’s services you can easily find right the design and installation for your outdoor area. Through our service you can obtain products customized just for you, together with a ready-made solution. These can all easily be purchased through our online store.

In “ViihtyisäPiha” trading centre you do business directly with the products manufacturer or the products importer without paying any sales commissions. Most of the products at our company service are designed and manufactured in Finland. Our selection is complemented with high quality imported products. Viihtyisä site also contains many interesting and current topics for your garden.

Products are delivered mainly in Finland, but it is also possible for the customer to inquire about deliveries outside Finland by directly contacting the manufacturer. You can also get the product information in your own language by contacting the manufacturer. The manufacturers` contact information can be found at the product information page. If for some reason you can’t get required information directly from the manufacturer, you can always ask about it by sending an e-mail to

The site is maintained by company Suomen ViihtyisäPiha Oy and is open 24/7. The ViihtyisäPiha service page might have some breaks due to maintenance or updates. All notifications concerning the service must be addressed to This web page’s administrator is not responsible for any transactions made through this service. All contracts are to be made between the buyer and the seller of the product. All notifications concerning the product or the delivery must be addressed directly to the manufacturer. Paybyway Ltd company is handling payment transmissions. All notifications regarding the merchandise payment transmission are to be made to Paybyway Ltd.


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